Wabano Aboriginal Health Centre

Firstly, we are Indigenous. Wabano was created by Indigenous people for Indigenous people. We bring the knowledge of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people and cultures into one beautiful space. A space that celebrates the resilience and beauty of our unique communities. At Wabano, Indigenous people guide the path of their health and their healthcare. 

We are a Centre for Excellence. Not a Centre of Excellence, but for Excellence. At Wabano, we believe our Elders’ teachings that say learning is lifelong. Gaining mastery – or excellence – is a journey that requires support all along the way. Wabano was created to be a place where Indigenous people are supported on their paths of excellence – both individually and together as a community.

We provide Healthcare Services – from an Indigenous perspective. We practice wholistic health. That means that we believe that true health includes four aspects of wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. At Wabano, we blend contemporary with traditional to find the perfect balance for you and your entire family. Our unique model of care is so effective, that it informs health policy across the Province.